2 houses sold via A PROPERTY & PELSMAEKERS: a testimonial

Selling not one but two houses through A Property & Pelsmaekers surely gives our client valuable knowledge of how our agency operates. Ms C.M. gladly shares her first-hand experience.

A swift and smooth sale of my parental home

Wim lives nearby my mother. As a result of an unfortunate fall, she was unable to return to live in her home. So, I invited Wim and another real estate agent to estimate the sales value of her property. Both gave me the same estimated amount. Wim had shown me a few examples of similar houses that he had sold before. I must say everything went very quickly and smoothly. Wim always acts in a correct way, and he keeps his promises. Also, all the necessary paperwork managed perfectly.

About two years ago, our neighbours sold an identical house through another estate agent. We received almost 23% more for our house. The housing market might be on the rise, but we really did not expect this.

Our own house: a sale at an unexpectedly high price

In the meantime, our own house with a spacious garden had simply become too big for us. We needed a home that suited our current life phase. Once we had found it, I contacted Wim again for the sale of our property. I consciously chose a real estate agent to avoid the administrative frenzy. For our convenience. Given our previous positive experience and his flexibility, it was once again a nice cooperation. Thanks to their customer portfolio of potential candidate buyers, they had planned visits even before the property went online. Everything went very smoothly, and the house sold at a price that we really had not expected. Even though the housing market has grown, we sold no less than at 23% above the price our neighbours obtained 2 years earlier. It was a two-family house, so the buildings were almost identical. We were very satisfied.

And now… we enjoy our beautiful new apartment near our daughter

In the meantime, we found a wonderful new apartment in Antwerp, near our daughter. We really like it here. Everything is on one level, no more garden maintenance, no empty rooms, no high energy consumption, and everything close by. So far, we have not regretted our choice, not even for a split second.

Would you like to enjoy a home adapted to your life stage, just like Ms C. M.? Our team will guide you through all the steps. You can visit us for an informal talk, but we are just as happy to come to you. You can contact us on 078-484700 or via info@ap-p.be.

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2 houses sold via A PROPERTY & PELSMAEKERS: a testimonial