6 essential tips to rent out your property faster

Are you about to rent out your real estate investment and would you like to maximize your return? We will be happy to help you put your property on the market in the best possible way. This will allow a smooth rental process. This way, you can relax and enjoy your returns.

Start in pole position to rent out your property with these 6 key tips:

1. Go for a balanced rental price

Achieving an optimal return on your investment is obviously your main goal. Aiming too high will put potential tenants off; aiming too low will reduce your return. Therefore, it is crucial to fix a balanced rental price. You have a number of objective criteria available such as location, habitable surface, number of rooms, quality of finishing and energy efficiency. You can also take into account the extra advantages of your property: a garden, terrace, garage or elevator. The property market moves like any other market based on supply and demand. Make sure to visit our for rent page to compare with similar properties.

2. Make sure your property meets quality standards

Before you rent out your property, make sure that it meets all the quality standards. The minimum requirements are:

  • Presence of potable water, heating, sanitary facilities (bathroom and toilet) and kitchen;
  • Safety: approved installations for utilities such as electricity and gas/oil, smoke detectors and protection in front of low windows on higher floors;
  • Ventilation and lighting;
  • Stability: walls without cracks, solid roofing, leveled out floors;
  • Energy efficiency: mandatory energy performance certificate.

You can officialize the standards of your property by requesting a certificate of conformity at your local municipality.

3. Create an attractive advertisement

In order to reach potential tenants and persuade them of your property, it is best to use convincing photographs or even a video visit. In our blog with tips for more screen appeal you can read more about how to present your property in the most attractive way. Be as detailed as possible in the description and don't forget to emphasise every asset (including the surroundings).

4. Choose your ideal tenant

Organize a kind of job interview with your prospective tenants in which you inquire about their reasons for moving, background, family and work situation. You can always ask for references. As an owner, you are of course free to choose to whom you rent out your property as long as you do not discriminate. On this site you will find further clarification.

5. Provide a watertight rental contract and detailed pre-tenancy description

Once you have found your ideal tenant, you will both sign a rental agreement. These are subject to increasingly strict and detailed legislation that also changes regularly. The time of downloading a standard agreement and being completely legally covered is over. So, get professional advice from a real estate agent or lawyer. In addition, make sure you have an accurate pre-tenancy description with validated photos. This will avoid any discussion about damage or changes that are the tenant's fault. When a tenant does not fulfil his obligations, you quickly end up in time-consuming, unpleasant and frustrating discussions that, in the worst case, lead to legal proceedings. The rental agreement and pre-tenancy description must be registered within two months.

6. Insure your premises

As an owner, you are obliged to take out fire insurance. This covers the building, your walls and the damage for which you can be held liable by third parties (e.g. a neighbour in the event of water damage). The tenant takes out property insurance for his furniture and any damage he may cause to your property through negligence. Be sure to check this before you sign the rental agreement.
As you can see, there are many things to consider when renting out your investment. We hope our tips will help you get off to a good start.

Would you like to know how we approach renting out a property? Our team is always ready to provide more details during an informal conversation. You can call us at 078/48 47 00 or email us on info@ap-p.be to schedule an appointment.

If you are looking for more information on how to follow-up on your rented property, have a look at this blog article.

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6 essential tips to rent out your property faster