How much is my house actually worth?

The price of a property often sparks an interest of potential buyers. If you aim too low, you suffer financial loss. If you overestimate the value, the property will not sell. An accurate valuation in line with the current property market is the most underestimated step in a sales process. Don't get caught in this trap! Consult a certified real estate agent whose professional experience and expertise will ensure you get the correct information.

The property market is a continually evolving

Some factors always play a part in property valuations. Others, that also have a defining impact, can evolve over the years. New energy standards, emerging housing trends, the current interest rate or the valuation of a certain neighbourhood can influence the value of a property. It is crucial to take all factors into account. One element can actually push the value up or down. Therefore a property valuation is most certainly not a unfouded guessing game.

3 keys to a correct valuation of your home

1. Location, location, location

The location of your property is a decisive factor. Think in broader terms than just the accessibility from major traffic axes and the location opposite the village centre, public transport, schools or catering establishments. The orientation of the house and possible garden, the width of the building plot, the surrounding buildings and environment (countryside, city) also play a crucial role in determining the correct land value.

2. Year built and condition of the house

No arguing about matters of taste: some people are looking for a ready-to-use home and others like to give it a finishing touch. Nevertheless, the general condition of the house is a determining factor. Using the year of construction as a starting point, we look at the construction method and degree of renovation. In addition, the quality an level of finishing can sometimes make a big difference. In addition, the EPC value of the property is also considered.

3. The house inside and out

The value of different types of homes such as studios, terraced houses, flats, (semi-) open-plan buildings or villas can vary tremendously. The style of a house seems very subjective. However, sometimes one style is more potential in the market than another. The experience and expertise of a real estate agent are crucial. Besides the look, we also consider objective parameters such as the living area. The layout of this area is even more important: the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, ... All additional comfort such as sauna, pool or veranda can significantly increase the value of your house.
Each property is unique. When making a valuation, a wide range of factors are taken into account. A free valuation is oten an underestimated gift. Your sale starts at the best possible starting point and further professional guidance by an agent offers you all the comfort you need to sell your home at the best price.
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How much is my house actually worth?