Investing in rental property is asking for trouble, right?

Can you picture yourself fully enjoying the proceeds of your property investment today and every day in the future... completely carefree? No, you are not dreaming. An investment in real estate should generate a proper return, not cause a continuous flow of worries and concerns. This return translates, on the one hand, into a monthly income in the form of rent. On the other hand, it aims to create maximal surplus value in the long term.

Realizing these objectives requires constant care, follow-up and expertise. Especially when living abroad or in another part of the country, outsourcing the management of your property to professionals can be an appropriate solution. To ensure you can fully enjoy your life, we pull out all the stops to manage your investment with the utmost dedication.

These 3 pillars are the basis of our property management:

1. Higher return on your investment

Vacancy periods, damages and rent arrears can heavily undermine your rental income. Finding a reliable and correct tenant is absolutely crucial. It’s your best guarantee for an optimal rental yield. Within the limits of what is feasible and allowed, our experienced rental team will gladly assist you in creating as much certainty as possible. The more care you devote to the actual renting process, the greater the potential return. Once the tenant has moved into the property, timely and correct payments are strictly monitored. In case of difficulties, we quickly initiate the conversation with the tenant and advise on the best course of action. We do everything we can to ensure an optimal process.

2. Securing the future value of your investment

Care and maintenance are crucial to preserve or, preferably, increase the value of a property. No investor wants unexpected and large repairs. If maintenance and defects are managed accurately and repairs are carried out quickly and professionally, you avoid any consequential damage. A happy tenant usually takes better care of his home. Your property will surely benefit from it.

3. No legal surprises

Rental agreements are subject to increasingly strict and exhaustively outlined legislation. These laws also change on very regular basis. The days of downloading a standard lease and being completely legally covered, are over. Furthermore, as an owner, you want the additional guarantee of correct and accurate pre- and post-tenancy inspection. This avoids any discussion about damage or changes caused by the tenant. When a tenant does not fulfil his obligations, you quickly end up in time-consuming, unpleasant and frustrating discussions that, in the worst case, lead to legal proceedings. As a property manager, we are a buffer between both parties, a first point of contact who advises on potential solutions.
Outsourcing your property management is therefore no unnecessary luxury. Your investment must bring good returns with minimal burdens. Our experienced team is ready to unburden you so you can fully focus what you enjoy doing. Find out more on how we make that happen here.

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Investing in rental property is asking for trouble, right?