Mandatory asbestos inventory certificate

Attention please to all owners with selling intentions! As from November 23th 2022, the asbestos inventory certificate or asbestos certificate will become compulsory in Flanders for any sale of properties, constructed before the year 2001 and a surface over 12m². Just like the soil certificate, the electricity certificate and the EPC certificate, this certificate will then be an integral and obligatory part of the Housing Pass. Its implementation not only entails extra costs and administration, but also potential loss of value. Do you want to sell your home soon? Then make sure to consider your timing in regard to the new rules.

What is the asbestos inventory certificate?

As the name suggests, the certificate contains an inventory of the asbestos present in a building. In buildings older than 2001, the harmful substance is often found in Eternit roofing or wall cladding, concrete tiles, insulationmaterials around central heating pipes and glue under floor or stair coverings. The inventory includes which parts of your building contain asbestos, what the condition of the asbestos is and how you can safely manage or remove it.

How do you obtain an asbestos certificate?

In analogy to the drawing up of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a certified asbestos expert comes to inspect the site closely. This expert uses specific measuring equipment and also makes inspections based on visual observations. He draws up a detailed comprehensive investigation report and registers his findings in OVAM's asbestos inventory database. After checking the data, this body issues an asbestos certificate with a unique code, for a fee. The default validity period would be 10 years, except in the event of a change in the risk situation of the building.

An asbestos certificate for every transaction?

As from its launch on November 23th 2022, every seller will be obliged to provide the asbestos certificate to the prospective buyer before the conclusion of the contract. If there is a signed compromise before this date, there is no need to request a certificate. The notary can then simply execute the authentic deed without it. Once the imposed guidelines are mandatory, the asbestos certificate is obligatory for any transaction concerning a building older than the year of construction 2001. The lack of an asbestos certificate when transferring a building can lead to the annulment of the sale. For transfers of buildings in co-ownership, not only for the private part a certificate is required. An asbestos inventory certificate is also required for the common parts from 2025 onwards. In the case of rentals, you must also be able to provide these certificates to your tenant. Every owner of a building older than the year of construction 2001 must have a valid certificate by 31 December 2031 at the latest.

In case your property was built in a “risk year” and you are planning to sell it soon, keep a close eye on the timing to avoid potential loss of value, extra costs and administration.

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Mandatory asbestos inventory certificate