Property valuation and sale via A Property & Pelsmaekers: a testimony

Selling not one but two properties with A Property & Pelsmaekers definitely means you are able to elaborate a bit more on how an agency operates. We let Mr Sjoerd Zijlstra tell you all about his experience with us.

Free and non-binding valuation, and yet completely different comparing to other real estate agents

As I had found a new and larger home, I really needed to know how much my current property was worth. Wim was the third estimator I consulted. His visit turned out to be quite different than the others who only briefly toured the property and gave me on the spot their estimated selling price. Frankly, I actually got a bit nervous from the way Wim noticed even the slightest, tiniest detail. He questioned me thoroughly on every aspect, asked technical questions about the renovation works I did, and accurately measured everything. He estimated my property at a value 20% higher than the other real estate agents. He was extremely confident, so I decided to sign with him.

Wim perfectly delivered on what he had promised in both sales. For sure, he is very skilled at his profession. It has been a pleasant and enjoyable experience, twice. Nor work nor worries for me. And his fee, well it has been fully covered by the higher selling price.

AP&P does what it does best: Go ahead!

The visiting times were arranged down to the very last detail. On the first day of visits, I already got an offer for the minimum amount I had in mind. Yet, on the second round of visits, I accepted an offer at the asking price. So, the higher value turned out to be the exact correct estimation. My neighbor, owner of an identical house with the same renovations as mine, decided to sell his property too. However, he chose to do it all by himself. Eventually, he was forced to lower the asking price and spent a lot of time and energy on his sale. At AP&P, they do all the work, and they are exceptionally good at what they do. Go ahead. I really enjoyed not having to do anything during the entire process. The fee has been more than earned back by the far higher sales price achieved by AP&P.

Twice I could sell a house with equal success

When the time came to sell my second house, I called Wim again without any hesitation. Meanwhile, his office has grown steadily, and it became even more professional. The result was as correct as the first time. Wim already estimated the house a year earlier, but now increased his estimate by 10% because of the market circumstances. The house was put on the market with a clear price setting. On the first visiting day we already got an offer above the asking price. I am truly very satisfied!
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Property valuation and sale via A Property & Pelsmaekers: a testimony