What you do yourself, you do better! I am selling my house myself!

 “I can surely be my own real estate agent and sell my house myself. It sells itself really. I know the property like no other and can perfectly estimate its worth. With ease, I manage advertising, guiding potential buyers during their visit and price negotiations. I can just google which certificates and attestations are required. In no time, I will close this deal and move to my new home.

That didn’t go quite as smooth as expected…

  • Turns out my house is not worth as much as I thought. I’ve already lowered the price twice. Fingers crossed I now got the pricing right.
  • Despite my beautiful homemade sign in the garden, the facebook posts from family and the expensive advertisement in the Streekkrant, I hardly got any reactions at all.
  • Potential buyers wanted to visit my house at the most inconvenient times of the day. If they showed up at all.
  • Many visits ended with a "we'll let you know" followed by silence.
  • Perhaps I should have accepted that first offer.
  • I didn’t think urban planning had up to 60 days to provide that certificate. Too late.

Frustration, stress, time loss, unnecessary expenses... You could have avoided it all if you had just sought the advice of an IPI certified real estate agent. Selling properties is a craft. You wouldn’t ask your baker to repair your car, would you?

Are you a do-it-yourself seller looking for help? Or are you hesitating to work with a real estate agent? Contact us for free advice (without any obligation) or an introduction. You can reach us at 078/48 47 00 or info@ap-p.be.

Prefer to read on? Then we list specifically

Why working with an estate agent is definetely worth the investment:

  • We offer you a free valuation of your property. Find out how we do that here.
  • We advise you without any obligation on how to best optimise and stage your home before placing it on the market.
  • We offer a full range of home styling and staging services upon request.
  • We handle all the legal and administrative red tape.
  • We have a large client database and use various on- and offline channels to put your property in the spotlight.
  • We arrange visits with the necessary flexibility.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience in sales negotiations.
  • We assist you in making the right sales decision.
  • We are certified estate agents trained and credited on the latest developments in our profession.

Still not convinced? Then we kindly invite you to make an appointment and drop by our office for a chat with a nice cup of coffee. Come and discover for yourself what our team with 30 years of experience can do for you.

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What you do yourself, you do better! I am selling my house myself!