Why choose new construction?

Choosing new construction means choosing a wise and profitable investment. The initial price may seem higher than that of a renovated property. However, new construction offers a multitude of advantages not to be underestimated, both in the short and long term. The following 4 pillars will allow you to make a well-informed and good considered choice for a modern and contemporary home!

Choose a home tailored entirely to your needs

You can build, design, and/or finish a new home entirely according to your wishes and tastes. In the house of your dreams, you don't have to consider the structural choices of previous occupants. Nor are you limited by the possibilities offered by an existing home. The layout of rooms inside and outside, the choice of floors and doors, the arrangement of the kitchen and bathroom... You decide everything according to your tastes!

Choose energy efficiency and save for life

By 2050, every home should have an energy performance level (EPC) of 50 or lower, or an A-label. Currently, only 2% of existing homes meet this standard. Our blog article on mandatory energy renovation provides more details on the impact of the renovation requirement. A new home (especially a Nearly Zero Energy Building) is equipped with the latest advanced renewable energy technologies. Remember, the energy performance of your property not only impacts your energy bill but also its long-term value and potential rental yield. 

Choose reduced maintenance

In a newly built house, everything is fresh and new. If you have chosen quality products, your maintenance costs will be limited during the first ten years. There are few risks of major technical defects and therefore unforeseen costs. If you are considering renting out your new home, this is a very important factor in terms of rental yield.

Choose protection and warranty

If you have your home built directly by an architect or contractor, you are partially protected for 10 years against serious defects in terms of the stability of the house. Think of significant cracks in the walls or subsidence, for example. Furthermore, the Breyne Law or the Housing Construction Law ensures that a clear, complete, and written contract is concluded between the parties involved. Each contract must contain a number of provisions regarding, for example, completion deadlines, completion conditions, and the total price. This provides additional protection for both the buyer and the builder.

Whether you opt for new construction or a renovation property, be sure to have all costs aside from the purchase price well mapped out in advance. Only then can you make a well-considered choice.

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Why Choose New Construction?