An estimate and sale with team AP&P : a testimonial

When a property is being sold, it is common to contact for several immo brokers for a valuation. To provide the best possible value for each customer, AP&P relies on our extensive expertise and experience. Our goal is to provide a correct and realistic valuation to ensure every home is placed in the best possible position in the market. Frans M. wanted to share his account of his experience with us.

The highest estimate, the best explanation, and the smoothest contact.

When I decided to sell my villa in a part of Kortenberg, I consulted 4 real estate agencies. I asked each broker to make an estimate and make a proposal for the sale of the property. During his visit and explanation, Wim from AP&P gave me the highest estimate. He also argued very strongly about the way he expected to achieve the higher sales price. However, he turned out to be the most expensive broker in percentage terms. From the beginning, I had a very smooth contact with Wim, who gave me a lot of extra information. Following a comparison, the decision was made quickly. Since Wim thought my house was worth the most, the contact was good and I would certainly get the extra cost with a higher sales price, I teamed up with AP&P. I haven't regretted that for a second.

“In retrospect, I am happy to have chosen AP&P and their higher asking price. I am very satisfied. AP&P couldn't have done better! I would definitely recommend them.”, says an enthusiastic Frans M.

A quick sale at a price that still amazes me.

The contact with Wim and Philippe was very good throughout the sale. Approximately 8 visits followed quickly after the villa was launched. Shortly thereafter, I received 2 bids slightly lower than the chosen asking price. Nonetheless, these exceeded the proposals of the other brokers. I knew it was alright. I really thought a sale in this price range took longer. I accepted one of the bids. The compromise has been signed now, and we will sign the deed with the notary later this year.

Very happy with my choice of AP&P

I am actually still surprised at the final sale price the house achieved. Looking back, I am glad I chose AP&P and their higher asking price. Their higher estimate from the start and the final sale price achieved were significantly higher than the other estimates. I am very pleased. AP&P could not have done a better job! I would definitely recommend them.

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An estimate and sale with team AP&P : a testimonial