Estimation and sale in Wilsele with team AP&P

Selling your house is not something you do every day. So Steve Pierco invited several real estate agents for valuation and consult. Eventually he chose AP&P and is happy to explain his experiences.

A lesser-known agency with the most professional approach

To sell our house, we had about 5 real estate agents from the region visit us, including quite big offices. While driving around, we saw a lot of AP&P "for-sale" signs and so we went to check out their website. We decided to invite them to come over as well. Not long after, we had a pleasant meeting with manager Wim. He started with a very thorough tour of our house and asked a lot of questions. He then gave us a lot of background insights and his estimate of the sales price. We were very surprised by his extremely professional approach. His visit lasted more than an hour and a half. We had not seen this much time and thoroughness before. Moreover, with Wim we did not have the feeling of being just a "number" at all. Furthermore, he estimated the house more than 50,000 euros higher. We were convinced by his explanation and decided to work with AP&P. 

“Their sneak preview concept is a great success. I was extremely surprised by the many visits. It didn't take long before we received an offer that almost matched the asking price. We are definitely satisfied!”, Steve Pierco says.

Their sneak preview concept resulted in a large number of visitors

Our file manager Steve stopped by to discuss the course of the sale in detail. Contact went very smoothly. We were given lots of tips on how best to prepare the house for the photo shoot, video shoot and upcoming visits. The photos were really beautiful! The property was first launched in their sneak preview group on Facebook. Members are given the opportunity to be the first to schedule an appointment on the website a few days before the actual launch. I was extremely surprised by the many visits. Steve took great care in handling all of these. We were notified well in advance and received feedback each time afterwards. So we always knew very well where we stood.

Sold at almost the asking price

After about 3 weeks, we received an offer that was very close to the asking price. We accepted the offer. Meanwhile, the sale has been completed at the notary and the keys and utilities have been handed over. We have nothing to criticize about what AP&P has done for us. Everything was fine! If we had not chosen them, we probably would never have achieved this high price. Our new chapter in Spain can now begin.

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