Testimonial Scoop Sale in Kortenberg

When Suzanne and her family's new build home was almost complete, they started looking for a real estate agency to sell their current property. Our Scoop Sale formula, which involves working with a starting price, two viewing days, and bids by a certain deadline, greatly appealed to them. Suzanne herself explains how they met and came to establish their cooperation, and how she experienced the Scoop Sale of their home.

An interesting formula with a starting price

When we decided to sell the house, we didn't want to do it ourselves. Through the internet, I selected three real estate agencies to provide explanations and make an estimate. All three of them toured our home. Only two of them took the time to sit down. They immediately made some calculations, determined the value, and explained the possible next steps. The way AP&P planned to sell the property really made the difference for us. About four weeks after the house appears online with a starting price, they organize two viewing days for all interested parties. A few days after that, the deadline for bids above the starting price expires.

 “As the only agency, they proposed working with a starting price and then letting the interested parties bid up. We found this an extremely interesting approach," says Suzanne.

2 viewing days and a deadline for bids

As an active family with 3 children, it's definitely not easy to keep the house tidy for visits regularly over a period. In the Scoop Sale formula, all visits are concentrated on 2 days. So, that was ideal for us. We opted for consecutive days: Friday and Saturday. We arranged a cozy weekend getaway for ourselves. Our case manager Steve had informed us in advance that about 10 visits were scheduled. Ultimately, 2 interested parties requested a second visit. Here too, Steve ensured that everything went smoothly that Tuesday evening. Wednesday afternoon, after the bidding deadline had passed, he called us to explain the 2 bids that had come in.

2 concrete bids above the starting price

Steve provided us with more information about the bids over the phone and sent us the necessary documents. Both bids were well above our starting price. The highest bid had no suspensive conditions and was even accompanied by a lovely motivational letter. Our choice was actually made very quickly. Meanwhile, the compromise has been signed, and the deed of sale is scheduled with the notary. I dreaded all the hassle, but it went very smoothly and quickly. We are very happy and satisfied!

Would you like to sell your property with our Scoop Sale formula, just like Suzanne? Our team is ready to assist you. You can schedule an appointment, without obligation, by calling 078-48 47 00 or sending an email to info@ap-p.be

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Testimonial Scoop Sale in Kortenberg with team AP&P