Digital tour of your property? 6 tips for more screen appeal

In the current circumstances, digital tours in houses for sale or rent have become common practise. Potential buyers and tenants can discover and view their dream home online, room by room in 360°, at their preferred time and pace, straight from the comfort of their own home. Staging your house for the recording of such a video tour is a real art. The best place to start is by putting yourself in the buyer's shoes and seeing your home through his eyes, as if you were visiting it for the first time.

These 6 tips will help you to make your house sparkle

1. Thorough decluttering

Why bother? You want potential buyers to imagine walking around in their own home.

Simplicity is key. The less clutter and stuff, the more spacious and peaceful a room will appear to be. Fewer personal items make it easy for the buyer to see himself actually living in the house. Walk from room to room and look with a very critical eye. Really get into this flow, and without any hesitation remove any objects that don’t contribute to a neutral feel of the living environment. For security reasons, do the same with all your valuables.

2. Review the layout

Potential buyers want to picture placing their own furniture in every room.

Create more spacious and peaceful rooms by removing unnecessary furniture. Create a clear path between the furniture. Place them in such a way that the space appears as large as possible on screen. Also, think vertically and keep the ground as free as possible. Try to stage each space as it was initially intented to be used.

3. Clean in the smallest corners

A clean house usually implies a well-maintained house; this creates extra confidence for buyers.

Time to put on your gloves and start scrubbing. Not your favourite activity? Then simply hire a professional cleaning company. Potential buyers traditionally pay a lot of attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Give these rooms extra attention. Make kitchen counters appliance-free and store unnecessary items on shelves.

4. Repair small visible defects

Avoid to give buyers the feeling that they need to renovate immediately.

Explore your home as if you'd never been there before, and search like a detective for small visible defects or wear and tear. A crack in the wall, a cupboard closing poorly, a broken curtain... these are small things that can make a big difference to buyers. You want to avoid at all cost giving a buyer the impression your house was poorly maintained. Also, don't forget to cover your personal touch on walls with a fresh coat of white/neutral paint. Unity of colour makes rooms look bigger and cleaner.

5. Create a welcoming atmosphere and an oasis of tranquillity

Because every prospective buyer is searching for a 'coming home' feeling, an inviting and cosy warmth.

A kitchen that makes you want to cook, a bathroom that radiates wellness... With small touches like a colourful fruit bowl and a burning candle, you can create a homely atmosphere. Also make sure to give even the smallest room a green boost: fresh flowers and plants bring life into a room and a video. Less is more. Use cushions to bring some extra depth and personality. Don't forget to take these tips outside! Create a summer atmosphere with garden furniture, parasol and barbecue, even in wintertime.

6. Get the lighting right

Potential buyers prefer to see each room of the house clearly and as well lit as possible.
Interior lighting looks completely different on screen than in real life. Natural light always looks better on screen than artificial light. So make sure to open curtains, stores and doors where possible. Check if all lights are on and replace them where possible with light consistent with the room in terms of temperature (cool/hot) and type (LED/halogen/...). Try to play with the warmest possible tones.
Your house will now truly shine during the shoot. Potential buyers can fully immerse themselves in their future home and make their plans more concrete. An additional advantage of digital tours is that buyers when actually visiting your home, they come well prepared.
We hope our tips helped you give your home extra screen appeal. We wish you a successful recording of your digital tour and a smooth sale or rental.
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Digital tour of your property? 6 tips for more screen appeal